Global Reach Regional Presence

SEAWORLD Express Lines Seafast Africa has global reach through the Seaworld Express Lines (SEL) and regional presence through established companies throughout East Africa.

We are positioning ourselves as a complete Logistics Provider for shipments into and out of Africa by forging partnerships with like-minded companies in the region and beyond so that we can offer clients logistics solutions to any part of Africa.

We will only work with companies that have the necessary experience, assets and reputation and that are committed to client satisfaction so as to maintain a high quality of service throughout its operations in Africa.

In today’s market clients need partners that will handle all their logistics related matters so that they can focus on their core businesses and this is where Seafast Africa will focus on providing the best client services.

Global Network

As part of Seaworld Express Lines (SEL) with 114 offices in 90 countries we are capable of finding the most efficient and cost effective way of getting any form
of cargo from any location to anywhere in the world.

SEL also provide a wide range of reliable, sustainable and highly competitive multi modal logistics services for all types of temperature controlled cargo’s providing an easy fresh service so goods can be delivered directly to wholesalers or retailers.

Our solution creates new business partnerships and opportunities by adding competitiveness to our customer’s product and reducing supply chain cost as well as managing and controlling the pipeline, thus ensuring the goods are in the right place at the right time securing the best price and maximising profit.

SEL combines reefer expertise, Global reach forwarding and personalised supply claim management.

A tailor made solution meeting customer needs and support to your business strategy.

Global Network for Seafast

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